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Friday, September 28, 2012

S. China Sea: India, Vietnam hold talks
Bản đổ Việt Nam nằm giưã ảnh hưởng văn hoá, chính trị, điạ dư cuả hai nước Trung Hoa và Ấn Độ.  Đây là lý do tại sao người Âu Tây đặt tên cho nước chúng ta là bán đảo Ấn Trung-Indochine-IndoChina.(LTS)

India and Vietnam held a security dialogue on Wednesday in the backdrop of common fears of Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea.

A Vietnamese defence delegation met defence minister A.K. Antony on Wednesday following which the two sides held talks. India and Vietnam have been stepping up naval cooperation while China is increasingly uncomfortable with any Indian naval presence in the South China Sea. India’s position is that it supports the freedom of navigation in international waters. The security dialogue between the two countries has taken place after the recent visit of the Chinese defence minister to India. There was no official word from the ministry of defence (MoD) on the issues discussed at the security dialogue.
Vietnam has been traditionally considered close to India and has — like India — fought a border war with China previously. While India fought Chinese aggression in 1962, Vietnam fought a brief border war with China in 1979. Like India, Vietnam’s relations with China have improved from those days. Vietnam has been considered a traditional friend of India from the 1950s and through the decade-long war that Vietnam fought against the US from the mid-sixties to 1975.
China’s neighbours in southeast Asia, that include Vietnam, have grown increasingly nervous about China’s dominance and belligerence, the latest example of which is its territorial dispute with Japan which has hit the headlines. China has territorial disputes with several south-east Asian nations.

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