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Monday, March 14, 2016

Vietnam Forum with Senator Bob Kerrey and Dam Bich Thuy, March 16

HoangsaParacels:  Một cuộc trao đổi vô nghĩa khi chính phủ và các tổ chức dân sự tài trợ cho chương trình trao đổi giáo dục tại VN, để đổi lại VC vẫn tấn công, áp bức các nhà dân chủ và những người dân oan trong nước.

Bill Laurie

A useless conference which will benefit Hanoi communist regime but not victims of political oppression in Viet Nam.   Note statement at end of this notice indicating U.S. government, or excuse for a government, has already contributed around $20.0 million to development of a university in Viet Nam.  This is only a fraction of aid and economic benefit Washington gives to Hanoi, yet asks for nothing in return, when it could ask for immediate release of specific political prisoners.
     It's a good bet that nothing of substance will be forthcoming but all the participants will think they've accomplished something.   Any critics of the conference will be condemned for "opposing education" when reality is that imposition of dictatorial rule, induced national poverty, has done more to harm education than is recognized in United States.

Join us for a discussion on Fulbright University of Vietnam with the Hon. Bob Kerrey and Ms. Dam Bich ThuyEmail not displaying correctly?
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The CSIS Chair for Southeast Asia Studies is pleased to present

The Vietnam Forum on Fulbright University of Vietnam



The Hon. Bob Kerrey

Managing Director, Allen & Company
Former U.S. Senator from Nebraska



Ms. Dam Bich Thuy

President-Designate, Fulbright University Vietnam


Murray Hiebert

Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Chair for Southeast Asia Studies, CSIS


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


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Please join us for a discussion with the Hon. Bob Kerrey, former U.S. Senator from Nebraska, and Ms. Dam Bich Thuy, president-designate of Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV). Kerrey and Thuy will discuss plans for opening FUV, the first private, nonprofit, American-style university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, later this year.

Mr. Kerrey is managing director at Allen & Company and executive chairman of the Minerva Project. He served previously as president of The New School. From 1989 to 2001, Mr. Kerrey served as U.S. Senator from Nebraska, and before that as Governor of Nebraska.

Ms. Thuy is the president-designate of Fulbright University Vietnam. She is also a director of the Trust for University Innovation in Vietnam (TUIV), a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting advancements in Vietnamese higher education.

The U.S. Congress has contributed close to $20 million for the establishment of this new university in Vietnam which will have an independent board that will determine the school’s curriculum. Some observers hope President Barack Obama will inaugurate the university when he visits Vietnam in June.  


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