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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hai Chú Ba "Ái" Bậy Bị Bắt Tại Úc

HoangsaParacels: Hai chú ba này theo lệnh Tập Cận Bình muốn gây trận đại hồng thuỷ tại Miệt Dưới !!!


Two Chinese tourists caught peeing in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens, one tries to resist arrest

by Alex Linder in  on Nov 2, 2016 2:30 pm
Sydney police had a run in with two Chinese tourists on Saturday after catching them taking a piss on the city's Royal Botanic Gardens.
A witness who later posted an account of the incident onto Chinese social media claims that the two men were spotted with their flies down by local police inside of the gardens. When officers approached the two men zipped up and attempted to flee the scene. Once the officers caught up with the men, a struggle ensued that ended up with the Chinese tourists flat on the ground in handcuffs.

The witness said that the incident was especially shameful since there was a public bathroom only 3 minutes away from the scene of the crime.
According to Sina News, the two men, aged 66 and 41, were part of a tour group from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.
Shanghai Daily reports that it was the older man who got into a scuffle with police. He was charged with resisting arrest and offensive behavior, and will appear in court next month. Meanwhile, the younger man was given a notice for offensive behavior.
[Images via Sina]

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