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Once sailor, forever sailor

Monday, June 19, 2017

HRW Condemns Hanoi

Bill Laurie,Historian: Boy oh boy, watch the sparks fly when our State Department sees photos of these people who have the hell beat out of them. NOW we'll see some action by golly. Watch the tough guys at State issue statements "expressing profound dismay"!!!!!!!! That will get the Hanoi communist thug shaking in their books, trembling with fear. Makes you so glad to be part of a country that has a spine, that stands by principle.....unless and until of course there's business to be done by U.S. corporations.

This is disgusting.
The spineless, gutless careerist opportunist mercenary wretches in State Dept. and U.S. government better hope to hell there's no Hell and no special place reserved for bullish-tters and amoral self-a adsorbed posturing hypocrites. 

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