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Once sailor, forever sailor

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Unprovoked assault by police | Vietnam Right Now

Bill Laurie: 61 years ago Viet Nam's people rose up, revolting against idiot communism in 1956.    The uprising was brutally suppressed.   People were killed.  Imprisoned.   This was the famed Quynh Luu Uprising in Nghe An province (Ho Chi Minh's home province!!!).    So here it again, 61 years later, and  Nghe An boils over with dissent again.

    Anyone dismissing this as insignificant should have a cudgel taken to them just as the man in the photograph below.     Only a few months ago then-Secretary of State John Kerry said Hanoi was striving for Democracy.    Seems like a very odd way to go about it.

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