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Once sailor, forever sailor

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bill Laurie

11:12 AM (9 hours ago)
to Erik
Dr. Villard
    another possible topic for your research is the final battle of the Truong Thieu Sinh Quan, or RVN Junior Military Academy, in Vung Tau.   The students would not surrender to the NVA.   The older boys sent smaller children home and engaged in a last ditch firefight with the NVA, who were unable, at the the time, to break through into the school.
   Accounts differ but as I understand it the NVA called a truce, or somehow communicated to the surviving cadets that they had proven their point but would not survive an upcoming battle with hundreds of NVA troops and heavy crew served weapons.   After resisting NVA assaults on their academy the surviving cadets accepted 
    Whatever the case, the "last stand" has gained legend status.   If you know anyone who understands Viet Namese they can read this and tell you more.   It's titled "The Last Battle of the RVN Junior Military Academy."

Ask around during your visit and you should find someone who knows more

Another website:

Best of luck on your search and thank you and Max Hastings for your efforts to bring a heretofore ignored history into the public eye.

Bill Laurie

12:15 PM (8 hours ago)
to Erik
Dr. Villard,
     I neglected to attach the 81st Biet Kich website in earlier email.   Here is is.  Stories in English are on the right.   On left are all Viet Namese language pieces if you have access to translator.
                Bill Laurie

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