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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Linh Mục Nguyễn Lạc Hoá, Cà Mâu

Bill Laurie, Historian:  Fascinating story about Linh Muc (Fr.) Nguyen Lac Hoa, a Catholic priest, an emigre from China (where he was twice jailed by Chinese communists) who set up Binh Hung village as an anti-VC bastion in the midst of hostile area. Binh Hung way, way down in the Mekong Delta, in the land of giant mosquitoes, mangrove swamps, and thick gooey mud. Fr. Hoa made it work and loved his people.

Years ago spoke with American who had been an advisor in Ca Mau and knew and worked with Fr. Hoa. He said Fr. Hoa was just as portrayed here, a decent, driven man who dedicated his life to his people, their well-being, and hoped for an expulsion of communism.
In another day and age, someone would have a movie about Fr. Hoa's inspirational life but not these days because "we all know" he was on the "wrong side," a reactionary and all that.

Package contains two videos, three articles.

Part 1 (30 minutes)

Part 2, 18 minutes

Stan Atkinson remembers Fr. Nguyen Lac Hoa:

Detailed biography, Linh Muc (Fr.) Nguyen Lac Hoa

Bill Laurie chuyển.

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