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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thư Ngỏ Gửi 3 Tên Ngu Độn Thuộc Đảng Dân Chủ Tại Thượng Viện California

Phản ứng của cựu chiến binh Bill Laurie, Tiến sĩ Sử Học: Tom Hayden,because of his immoral duplicity and mendacity, is guilty of the deaths for hundreds of thousands of Viet Namese...and Laotians...and Cambodians,.....and American and other allied service men killed in SE Asia. He is a repugnant liar. The putrid actions to censor Senator Janet Nguyen are met with disgust by both Viet Namese-Americans, among our best citizens, as well as U.S. born veterans who loathe and despise the late Tom Hayden, and with ample reason for doing so.

The actions taken by Senators Monning, Lara, and de Leon are all the more disgusting and vile. Senator Janet Nguyen deserves her right to free speech but the profound and sincere gratitude of Viet Namese-Americans, U.S.-born American veterans, and anyone else concerned with the cause of justice and honesty in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.To Senators Lara, Monning, de Leon: you can go to hell.

Bill Laurie, Viet Nam veteran.

Bill Laurie

11:16 PM (9 hours ago)

to me

Anh Hai than men,
nhung thuong nghi vien do la con gioi, loai san lai.  Ho khong co luong tam.

HoangsaParacel: Tại sao nhìn cảnh Janet Nguyễn bị đẩy ra khỏi phòng họp mà một số người Việt tự cho là nhục.  Tôi nghĩ đây là một vinh dự lớn cho TNS Janet Nguyên và cộng đồng ty nạn, vì bà đã tát thẳng vào mặt bọn vinh danh một tên phản chiến là tên Hayden.  Người Việt ta hay có tính tự ty mặc cảm, thấy ai cô thế, bị áp bức, không những không bênh vực mà còn hạ nhục người đó, nào Janet nói tiếng Việt tại TNV, nào Janet không ngừng phát biểu khi được nhắc nhở đến 7 lần, như vậy bị sargeant "đuổi" đi là phải.  Cách dùng chữ rất quan trọng, thay vì đuổi, nên dùng chữ đưa đi hoặc đẩy đi, nó nhẹ hơn.  Báo chí dùng chữ nên cẩn thận.  Phải tỉnh táo cái đầu.  Khối Dân Chủ đa số tại TNV Cali đã lộ bản chất độc tài, bịt miệng Janet Nguyên không khác VC bit miệng cha Lý.
 Phải đưa hình ảnh TNS Janet Nguyễn và hình cha Lý bị bịt miệng để đối chiếu và phổ biến rộng rãi.  Chúng ta phải làm to chuyện này ra, để công luận đánh giá TNV California, Cộng Đồng VN Tỵ Nạn Hải Ngoại luôn luôn có sự ủng hộ của cựu chiến bình Hoa Kỳ.  Chính TNV Cali đã làm một việc nhục nhã, ngang nhiên bôi nhọ nền dân chủ và Hiến Pháp Hiệp Chúng Quốc Hoa Kỳ.  Không nên hạ thấp những người Mễ, xem họ như dân mạt hạng, như vậy không có lợi cho việc làm chính đáng của chúng ta là bênh vực TNS Janet Nguyên và bảo vệ danh dự người Việt ty nạn cộng sản.

I'm forwarding an open letter from a concerned citizen that denounces the disrespectful treatment of Senator Janet Nguyen at the California State Senate meeting on February 23, 2017. On behalf of many Vietnamese-Americans in California, we express our solidarity behind Mr. Julien Nguyen's open letter. 
We would like this open letter to be visible to the members of the California State Senate that we feelegregiously slighted Senator Janet Nguyen.
Lee Nguyen
Orange County, CA

Julien Nguyen
      Hello Super-Clowns Ricardo Lara, Bill Monning, and Kevin de León of California Senate! You have arbitrarily, and grotesquely, shut off your fellow senator’s microphone. You have cut off her speech on the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese refugees’ tragedies and Tom Hayden The Traitor, yes, Tom, this badass who happened, since many moons, to be one of the most infamous Viet Cong (VC) sympathizer, if not accomplice, having caused so much torment and distress to our people, and, somehow, contributed along with other badasses to the defeat of American troops and the fall of South Vietnam. And finally, with a high hand, you have forcibly removed her from your circus-chamber. Did you really have the right to silence and humiliate a colleague in such a disreputable and despicable way? Was that an act of civilized, left alone educated, individuals that you –on a one hand a bunch of obscure alt-left, ugly, silly, haughty, and ultra liberal-socio-communist, but on the other hand Lilliputian local legislators– always pretend you are, in the name of freedom (here, of speech), justice and integrity? Or a bullying act of a street clan, a political gang, a pack of hoodlums? Moreover, as Senator Janet Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American lady and an anti-VC refugee, did you then play the ID card, didn't you? Could you be called racist, xenophobic, misogynist, and pro-communist –all the same charges which you, known as churlish chums of the bad, the ugly, and the crooked far-leftist politicos, like Obama, and Clinton, and Schumer, and Sanders, and De Blasio etc., never ceased, even after the November election, to shamefully and, of course, wrongfully, bring against President Trump –their, i.e. your, declared arch-enemy?
      Senator Nguyen did nothing wrong that day. She broke no law. She violated no rule. Even, out of respect for Tom Hayden and his family, she kept her mouth shut, two days before, at his memorial. Now, she just told the truth –that truth you guys did not want to hear about Hayden, your demi-god. She just spoke the truth. On behalf of her voters and millions of Vietnamese refugees around the world suffering and understanding the communist evils much better than a lot of those so-called Americans, and only from your very chamber podium. She did not “defame” him, but was recounting and describing what Hayden had done against her people. What was then the problem with you?
      You must keep this in your mind. Along with Senator Nguyen and her family, all the South Vietnamese citizens have lost the war and their beloved country, have been, hence, forced to flee the barbaric and totalitarian VC regime and to eventually come to your great land as political refugees, in spite of the anti-Vietnamese bad boys under the name of, for example, Joe Biden, McGovern, and Jerry Brown and Co. Why? That’s just because of the betrayal of some of the sordid and false American allies, your compatriots, such as Nixon and Kissinger, and of the infamous peaceniks including Tom Hayden and his ex-wife Jane Fonda (a.k.a “Hanoi Jane”), just to name the worst couple of devils. Hayden was your colleague in the Senate, of course, and you are proud of him, no one blames you for it. However, by idolizing him, you forgot, or tried to ignore, that he had been the most ferocious, the most vociferous ever anti-war activist, and worse, had blatantly fraternized with the enemy. So, it is true that you have a short memory, and let me reactivate your dead brain. As follows:
      In 1968, Hayden led the protests against the Vietnam War at the Democratic National Convention inChicago. There, he spat on, and cursed at, the soldiers. Consequently, he was later indicted along with seven other guys on federal charges of conspiracy and incitement to riot. Besides, he made several visits to North Vietnam as well as Cambodia –which was an Act of Treason, according to US Code of Law– while the war was reaching its critical ultimate phase andAmerica’s involvement was at its peak (cf. The Viet-Nam Reader, published by Marcus Raskin and Bernard Fall, Vintage Book, 1965, 1967, on Hayden, pp. 408-414).
      Lately, in his speech at The Vietnam War Summit, 24-28 April 2016, in Austin, Texas, he re-appeared entirely as the same old pro-VC fierce peacenick, unrepentant and cocky (he even talked about the controversial issue Agent Orange, the VC favorite topic). Although he mentioned the forgotten sacrifice of thousands of South Vietnamese warriors, he also viewed them, with an extreme insolence, simply as mercenaries of US Army: “they were paid for, he said,trained and sent to their deaths under our command”.
      Enough to tell you that Senator Nguyen was right in her (interrupted) speech against Tom Hayden. Moreover, who the hell did you think you are when you dared treat a female non-American colleague, elected like you by Californian voters, in that rude and un-American way? May I call your action an unpardonable temerity, a nascent despotism, a flagrant abuse of power? Or a huge absurd mistake.
      Or, if you want, a boundless imbecility?
Julien Nguyen,
Captain of the (now defunct) Republic of South Vietnam Army

Lên tiếng của bà Maureen Blackmun, Chủ Tịch Garden Grove Neighborhood Association.
From: Maureen Blackmun
Subject: State Senator Janet Nguyen forcibly removed from Senate floor for criticizing late Tom Hayden's stance on Vietnam War
Hello Neighbors,
An American perspective; it's all I have. 
For many of us, the Vietnam War defined our lives. Whether you were for it, against it, fought in it, drafted to it, draft-dodged it, filed conscientious objector, or had friends and family that did some of all of the above. 
We all new someone who came home with medals and honors, scars inside, outside or both. Some came home addicted to drugs other suffered from agent orange. Some never made it home...some came home in caskets. None came home to a hero's welcome. All of us...carry scars from this war. 
You'd have to live this war to know it. Politics, patriots, idealism, fear, and a culture waiting to tune-in, tune-out or get out. All were at play during this time. 
Personally, I was raised a patriot. Daughter of a WWII vet (Go Navy) who ran away from home until his mother signed his papers to join the war at 17 just after Pearl Harbor; which she did. 
I was against the Vietnam War. I didn't understand it. I had five brothers all in jeopardy of the draft....I was fearful. I didn't want to lose them over something I didn't understand.
However, I still rooted for a victory. I still wanted a win. Winning is what we did back then. 
Even with doubt about our presence in the war, I never understood Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda actively working with the North Vietnamese; and I never forgave them. 

Today, who knows. Maybe they'd be heros. Our political views are so convoluted you can't say what you are without being "shamed". 
Which is exactly what happened to Senator Janet Nguyen on February 23 when she spoke out about the late Senator Tom Hayden. Vietnamese refugee Senator Janet Nguyen respectfully waited two days after until Hayden's family was not present, when she read a prepared speech about her disapproval of the actions of Tom Hayden when he worked with and supported the North Vietnamese government. 
Senator Nguyen was asked to stop speaking and when she refused she was escorted from the chambers; she still continued to speak. Good for her! Good for us. 
I applaud Senator Nguyen for taking a stand and speaking up for the millions who died fighting the communist regime and speaking up against what many of us felt were "traitors". I thank her as well. Many wanted to thank her as well. I've attached her website for you to leave comments.
Here are a few links to the story.
Maureen Blackmun
Garden Grove Neighborhood Association

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