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Friday, February 10, 2017

VA Helps VIet Nam Veterans "Atone" for their Sins

HoangsaParacel: Tiền thuế dân Mỹ trong đó có cngười Mỹ gốc lính Nam Việt đóng thuế để cho mấy anh lính Mẽo dở hơi về VN xả stress !!!! Trong khi đó tình trạng nhân quyền tại VN càng ngày càng tồi tệ, những vụ khủng bố, bắt bớ liên tục diễn ra với các người yêu nước và các nhà hoạt động nhân quyền. Nhìn mấy anh cựu chiến binh Môm mấy anh cu Việt Cộng què cụt khóc ròng rồi rống lên Mae Culpa mà muốn chửi thề...

Bill Laurie: Here is VA, i.e. tax-payer funded, program by which VN veterans can return to VN, academics and mental health professions in tow, to achieve "atonement" for the destruction caused by the veterans.   See link at bottom of this vitriolic commentary.

    Comments, at end of article, reflect views held by most veterans: we don't have anything to "atone" for.   In reality we arguably do but not for reasons imagined by sponsors of this therapeutic journey.  My opinion...and everyone is welcome to their own....we cannot "atone" for having foisted a criminally negligent repulsive excuse for a "strategy" and appropriate tactical doctrine, adversely affecting all those who opposed Hanoi's war.

.    Compounding this vile malfeasance was abandonment of Laotian, Cambodian, Viet Namese people to what was and remains essentially a fascist Nazi power clique excuse for a "government."    Millions of people died because of Hanoi's insane ideological madness and today per capita income in Viet Nam is about 30% of Thailand's.   Accentuating this dismal wretched situation is fact that a number of former high ranking VN communists have since defected, stating the whole thing was a lie.

   If this is helpful to some veterans, if only by placebo effect,  than so be it.   On the other hand if anything it may exacerbate problems with other veterans who have been and are disgusted with performance (?) of U.S. government and U.S.. as a whole in completely failing to comprehend anything of substance about the war, NOT only in Viet Nam, but also in Laos and Cambodia...and the Hanoi-sponsored brush fire war in NE Thailand.

    Read link at end of this email.   Your views, opinions are welcome.   Feel free to go into depth and detail.   Advise if your response and thoughts can be sent to others, with or without your name. 

    This whole damn thing is infuriating.   Many of us lost Viet Namese, Laotian, Cambodian friends.    We know of tragic victims l such as Vuu My Linh, a 14 year-old boat person abducted by Thai pirates and never seen again.

This program is NOT going to help people whose values and moral standards were defiled by inexcusable clumsy and pathetic performance of every major U.S. institution.....and now this.   When these people went to Viet Nam they did NOT ask a bout the fate of Viet Nam imprisoned dissident (of many) Nguyen Van Dai, whose  wife has spoken before U.S. congress.

Once spoke before a high school class and one student asked "What did you that you are most ashamed of?"    The assumption being that everyone did things they should be "ashamed of."    My response: " I  personally did nothing to be ashamed of.   I am embarrassed and  disgusted to belong to an infantile  country that was so inept and  incompetent and I am  totally disgusted to be in a country that would walk away and leave \millions to die."

There is no doubt people involved in this project are sincere in their outlooks, yet the words of Charles Kettering come to mind:  "You can be very sincere and still be very stupid."   The most humane thing to have been done was to having STOPPED Hanoi's war and ideological jihad throughout all of SE Asia.

So, here's the VA program's recent VN trip.   Read comments at end of article.

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