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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nguyen Cong Hoan 1977 Congressional Testimony

HoangsaParacles: Để hiểu rõ hơn bọn đón gió trở cờ, thành phần thứ ba, Việt kiều yêu nước....
Bill Laurie, Historian: Here is important document. Nguyen Cong Hoan's '77 testimony before congress. Hoan had been militant neutralist, wanted U.S. out of VN, wanted coalition government, thinking all would be well. He served in communist "legislature," discovered the whole thing was a fraud, and defected, becoming a boat person.

This testimony covers a lot of ground. Executions (deniers of "blood bath" be prepared to be humiliated), total lack of democratic freedoms, no free press, oppression, economic hardships, etc. In sum, Hoan smashes every single myth the "anti-war" proponents promised would be true.

Later, upon arriving in U.S. he talked things over with his colleague Doan Van Toai, once NLF covert agent, "anti-war" activist, later guest in communist prison and then political refugee. Hoan and Toai came to horrid realization that U.S. "anti-war" elements didn't give a damn about the people in Viet Nam, didn't care about democracy, and all the other things they'd promised. Hoan told Toai to forget about any help from former "anti-war" elements, saying their activism was more a hatred for their own government and did not extend to democracy and well-being of SE Asia people. In sum, the "anti-war" people did not, in final analysis, give a bloody damn. It was all about the posturing grandiosity of their imagined status of "peace warriors."

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