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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Walter Cronkite Viet Nam Movie? History murdered

Bill Laurie, PhD, Historian: This is very bad news.   See link below.   A Spielberg movie on Cronkite and Viet Nam.   Little doubt what a mush job that will be.  This also illustrates the depth and universality of fatuous perceptions of VIet Nam, better phrased multi-lateral effort to STOP Hanoi's Indochina Jihad.
     It's only a rough guess but if this project goes on track production won't start for another 8-10 months, with screening to follow on heels of the Burns documentary, which quite probably will be another slop job, a compendium of cliches already mined and massaged and hallucinated by Karnow, Sheehan, etc.   So, we end up with possible situation of the perceived forces of evil and viciousness, being those who tried to STOP Hanoi's war, opposed by the warm and fuzzy icons of Burns, then Spielberg, then Cronkite.    This is ominous.   Very, very ominous.
    It is all the more vital that a comprehensive, prompt, thorough, well-documented response be made, with ample documentation, to Burns, as his production will probably precede the Spielberg Cronkite sewage.   If this is not done, Burns, Spielberg, et al will have an open field run.   Their productions will be used in countless classrooms, "educating" scores upon scores of future teachers(sic).  For years to come.   All over the country.   Today's new teachers have not been inoculated to allow them to combat the insidious disease of imbecilic gullibility.
    The counter-effort to reveal multitude of flaws in conventional wisdom needs to be far more coordinated and unified than atomistic  disjointed efforts of the past.   We need to get the SE Asia community on board with full representations form all groups.   VN.  Hmong,  Khmer.  Lao.  Montagnard.   Hoa Hao.   This in conjunction and coordinated with involvement of U.S. veterans, veteran groups.

    If this is not done the big lie will congeal and ossify brain cells and the cause of honest, rational, valid history will be buried alive, never to be heard again.   Make no mistake.   This is simply an extension of the war that was ignited in 1945 when Ho Chi Minh put out a "fatwa" to eradicate non-communist VN nationlalists.   The Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang.   The Dai Viets.   Dong Minh Hoi.   Hoa Hao.
    As it stands now the forces of honest, rational history do not have the wherewithal, the organization, the necessary assets to combat upcoming challenges.   The situation is sobering at best, infuriating at worst.  If nothing is done the forces of infantile lunacy will win, they will steal honest comprehensive  history just as they stole the war.   They will get away with it if.....IF...they are allowed to.

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